Thursday, January 12, 2012

.5 Months.

Greyden is now 5.5 months old!! I weighed him around Christmas and he was weighing in at 18lbs!
I wanted to post a 5 month update earlier, but I have been sick with an ear AND sinus infection the past few weeks. During that same time, Mr. Greyden has been teething! Sleeping has been interesting...thankfully all the antibiotics I have been taking have been transferring to him while nursing so he hasn't been getting anything I have had! 

 Obviously, he is teething! His 2 bottom teeth are coming in! 1 has poked through, while the other is just making it's way in. 

 He has been rolling over from back to tummy for a few weeks. He knows how to roll tummy to back, but we don't do too much tummy time around here. Lily is a bit of a terrorist when it comes to her younger brother. Someone has to have an eye on him at ALL TIMES when Lily is around. 

 He is quite the little snuggle bug. I LOVE IT! I love waking up with him snuggled up next to me in bed and seeing him so peacefully asleep. I also love that his favorite place to be is in Mommy's arms when he is awake as well. 

 He will play by himself, if he has too. ha ha He can grab toys and put them in his mouth...but he loves to clear everything off of his bumbo tray and make you put it all back on there for him. 

 He has quite the strong grip. I find myself gasping in pain fairly often when he pinches the back of my arm or my neck. This morning he gave Daddy a nice punch in the face. :) He is a very strong little guy. 

 I have people ask me constantly when I am out in public how old he is. When I reply 5 months they always say back "Wow! He must be big for his age!" Yes...he is quite big AND adorable!! 

 We are still enjoying every second with our little guy. He gives the BEST smiles and the most adorable little giggles I have ever witnessed. 
 I am IN LOVE with this little guy!!