Monday, August 6, 2012

Greyden is 1!!

My sweet little boy turned 1 on July 27th. 

We celebrated the next day with a family party. He got some fun toys and some adorable clothes.

Mr. Greyden has been cruising around the furniture for a while now, but hasn't made the attempt to take any steps. He will stand up in the middle of the room and stand there for a while, but he won't take any steps. He gets into enough trouble as it is just crawling around, so I don't mind him waiting a bit longer in the walking department.

He is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet. He smiles ALL the time and he is just so happy. He gives the best hugs I have ever received from a baby and some sloppy kisses to go along with it. 


He is still nursing a few times a day when nap time comes around and if he just needs to relax a bit. He is still sharing a bed with Mommy & Daddy, which will end some time in the near least that is what we keep telling Daddy ;)

We all love Greyden SO much and enjoy having him in our family. He can brighten anyone's day with his smile, it is truly infectious.