Wednesday, February 1, 2012

.6 Months.

Wow! Seriously...I can not believe that my little guy is 6 months old.

He has brought nothing but pure joy in to our lives the past 6 months.

Having a little boy has been SO much fun so far. It has definitely been different...especially when it comes to the size of the kid. Holy cow! Carrying him around in his car seat has grown my biceps considerably. With that said...I think it's about time to move him into a convertible car seat.

Today at his 6 month check up, the Dr. was quite impressed with his progress. She said that she hadn't ever seen a baby at their 6 month check-up with teeth that had come in as far as Greyden's. His motor skills are quite advanced for his age as well. He is sitting up VERY well for his age, his back to tummy roll takes him all of 2 seconds if you lay him on his back and the way he is grasping things and getting them to his mouth is impressive as well. She also gave me some hope that the sooner he gets moving the more his weight gain will mellow out a bit. It would be nice if he could stay in one size of clothing for more than a month. **He has been wearing 12 month clothes for a month now.**

-Check-Up Stats-

Weight: 18lbs 10oz (69%)
Height: 27.5inches (79%)
Head: 17.7inches (81%)

I had mentioned to the Dr. today that Greyden seemed to have no interest in baby food. She suggested sitting him at the table with us during dinner time and just starting with some finger foods while he watches us eat dinner. So tonight I went and bought him a high chair and let him sit with us at the table. I gave him a graham cracker, which he devoured. So I decided to try and give him some rice cereal...which he also devoured. That little stinker was just waiting for me to get him a proper seat. 

Greyden is the CUDDLIEST and HAPPIEST little baby I have ever met. He gives smiles away freely and can light up a room with his happiness. He still would rather be held then left on the floor without someone talking to him. He will play with his toys as long as one of his sisters is nearby playing as well. I am hoping we aren't reporting at his 9 month check-up that he is taking strides towards walking...but we will see! I want him to stay my little baby for just a bit longer!