Saturday, July 23, 2011

.The Last Saturday.

Here it last Saturday of sleeping in for a while before Baby Boy get's here. I am up before everyone else and can't fall back asleep.

I woke up to A LOT of nudges in my belly and decided to get up and just feel him move around. Enjoy and savor these last few moments of being pregnant and uncomfortable. :)

4 more days of this and we get to see who has been beating up my insides for the past few months.
The emotions that are running through me are indescribable.

I do know one thing...I feel incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity to be able to create a new life and enjoy all these little moments that some women never do. The pain, the emotions and everything that goes along with it is SO worth it in the end.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.The Final Dr. Appt!!.

Today was my last Dr. appointment before Baby Boy gets here!!

Dr. Hebert ended up being in a delivery and I was lucky enough that I was the only pregnant woman that was far enough along to be seen by her nurse. So I waited for about 3 minutes before they called me back and was out of there within 15 minutes.

I am 2cm and the nurse didn't say how effaced I was. Either way, I am pretty sure we won't be having this baby before next Wednesday unless something drastic happens.

I was 2cm for 2 weeks in a row with Lily before I went in to labor 6 days before her due date. Ironically enough, my induction is scheduled for 6 days before Baby Boy's due date.

Labor is just a guessing game that no one is very good at. So I am prepared to wait it out and I am ready for next Wednesday!! Well, as ready as one can be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.38 Weeks.

38 Weeks!!

We are almost there!! 8 more days until we get to meet our little Boy!!!

I am getting very nervous and extremely excited. 
The nesting bug FINALLY hit me yesterday and I got almost all of my house organized. I paid for it last night and am still paying for it a bit this morning. It's pretty much done though, so I can put that task behind me. 

I have started to feel like I could just be pregnant forever. It's weird to think that I won't be pregnant 2 weeks from now. I will be home with a brand new baby and 2 very helpful little girls. Daddy will have headed back to work that morning and I will be left to myself managing these 3 little ones. I am not too worried about it, but I know it won't be the easiest thing I have ever done.

I can't wait to see what this little guy looks like!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

.36 Weeks.

We are officially in countdown mode!!!

19 more days until we get to meet Baby Boy!!
*Unless he decides to come early or they have to move my induction date back a day. Let's hope he decides to come just a bit earlier. :)*

I had my Dr. appt yesterday and I am dilated to 1cm and 30% effaced.
It's nice to know my body is making progress a bit earlier than it did with my other 2. It gives me hope that I will get to meet this little one sooner rather than later.

We are OFFICIALLY ready for baby in every possible way.
It is weird the things that get you excited/make you nervous the 3rd time around.
Buying diapers for example...I put it off until last night because in my mind that meant that he could be here any time. That was the biggest thing I would need for him when we came home.
All of his clothes are washed and mostly put away.
The bassinet is set up next to our bed.
The car seat is all washed and ready to be installed in the car.

I guess there is one thing that I could add to my to-do list...but my nesting period didn't last quite as long as I would have liked. A nice deep clean of the house wouldn't be a bad idea. We have only lived her for a month though, so just making sure all of my laundry is done and keeping everything else clean will have to be my goal for the next few weeks.

Brookie & Lily are probably just as anxious as I am to meet their baby brother. I think Daddy is just as excited too, but more nervous as to the lack of sleep he will be enduring. He doesn't do so well on little to no sleep. :)