Saturday, August 17, 2013

.My Big 2 Year Old.

July 27th, my baby boy turned 2!! His personality shines through and he is still such a sweet boy.

His 2 year stats:
30.2lbs (76%)
35.59 inches (87%)

He is very healthy, has healed up from his surgery back in November perfectly and is definitely on the tall side. He just might be taller than his Daddy one day, who is 6'1".

He LOVES balls. Soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs, bouncy balls...they are his favorite thing to play with. His collection is a bit crazy, but it is hard to tell him no at the store when he gets SO excited over a ball. He is quite skilled when it comes to soccer and baseball. He has great control with kicking the soccer ball and can hit a ball correctly with the bat. It makes me so proud. :)

His other favorites include skateboards and breakdancing. He loves to watch older kids skateboard and will try to stand on one. He gets pretty nervous when it starts to move though. He isn't quite sure how it works yet. When it comes to breakdancing, he has quite the moves. He watches lots of breakdancing YouTube videos with his Daddy and whenever he hears dancing music, he goes straight to his own breakdancing moves. 

He is very polite and is great at saying "Thank You". He is so good at it, he usually says thank you when he should be saying please lol He is also very good at saying sorry and giving hugs when he hurts someone.

He loves to give kisses, hugs, high fives and pounders. 

His current favorite phrase is "Look at this!"

After I finish dressing him he loves to ask "I cute, Mom?" He LOVES to wear hats and can't leave the house without a hat or having his hair done. He has to have his nails painted if he sees me painting mine or his sisters. He will sit still the whole time and even give them time to dry.

We celebrated his birthday on August 10th with a Bounce House party. Aaron and I rented a bounce house for all the kids to play on and kept the party pretty simple. It ended up being the best idea I have ever had seeing as the day before the party I ended up getting the stomach flu and didn't have the energy to put on an elaborate party. :/ The kids played in the bounce house the entire party and had a great time. 

I have absolutely LOVED having a little boy. The bond we have is something I have never experienced before and I feel so lucky to have the chance to raise a boy. He is such a sweet heart and is my little buddy. Snuggling with Mommy is one of his favorite activities, besides playing outside.

I love you Mr. Greyders! You have added so much to our family and made us feel complete. We are so lucky to have you in our family.