Monday, August 6, 2012

Greyden is 1!!

My sweet little boy turned 1 on July 27th. 

We celebrated the next day with a family party. He got some fun toys and some adorable clothes.

Mr. Greyden has been cruising around the furniture for a while now, but hasn't made the attempt to take any steps. He will stand up in the middle of the room and stand there for a while, but he won't take any steps. He gets into enough trouble as it is just crawling around, so I don't mind him waiting a bit longer in the walking department.

He is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet. He smiles ALL the time and he is just so happy. He gives the best hugs I have ever received from a baby and some sloppy kisses to go along with it. 


He is still nursing a few times a day when nap time comes around and if he just needs to relax a bit. He is still sharing a bed with Mommy & Daddy, which will end some time in the near least that is what we keep telling Daddy ;)

We all love Greyden SO much and enjoy having him in our family. He can brighten anyone's day with his smile, it is truly infectious. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

.9 Month Stats.

Greyden has his 9 month check up yesterday. 
Here are his stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 15 oz (52%)
Height: 29 3/4 inches (78%)
Head: 18.9 inches (98%)

Funny Moment: The Medical Assistant had measured his head while he was being weighed. When she entered it in on the computer I could see it was at the top of the curve. She stated that she must have written it down wrong and wanted to measure again. I told her she had probably gotten it right as I know my son has a large head...turns out my son has a large head. 

I learned something new as well. Turns out that when a baby has a large head, there can be some reason for concern. There can be extra fluid that is putting pressure on the babies brain and it can hamper their development. The Dr. reassured me that there was no need for concern considering the level Greyden is at with his ability to get from point A to point B quite efficiently. 

Speaking of Greyden getting from A to B...he has MASTERED climbing on the LoveSac and zooms around on that thing like he can't fall off. I can't really blockade him off from getting on the LoveSac. So for now, I just have to haul him around with me if I leave the living room. He also showed me that he can climb stairs while we were over at my Sister-in-laws yesterday. He is definitely ALL BOY with a little bit of sweetness thrown in.
He can pull himself to standing pretty much ANYWHERE and is so proud of himself. He will definitely be walking by his 1st birthday. 

He is also ahead a bit when it comes to the sounds he is making. If you know my children, they are all VERY vocal...which can be extremely wonderful and highly embarrassing given the situation. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

.9 Months.

It seems like just yesterday I wrote a post about my baby turning 8 months old...he is 9 months old already!!!!! Where in the world has the past 9 months gone?!?
As you can see, he is growing quite quickly. He is still so stinkin' handsome and extremely good-natured. He is a VERY happy baby and gives the best smiles EVER!

Right before he turned 9 months old, I thought it was time for a haircut. I told Aaron right after we found out that we were having a boy that I wasn't really in to shaggy/long hair on little boys. I have my girls for the long beautiful locks. His hair had come in quite even and it didn't look bad, but I guess I was just overly excited for him to have a real haircut. So one Saturday morning after breakfast we cut it off!

As you can see, he thought it was quite nice. ;)

Greyden is now eating solid foods. Pretty much anything we eat, he is eating right along with us. He still nurses for comfort and to fall asleep. I quite enjoy the fact that we still have those little moments together and I don't plan on weaning him any time soon.

As of Saturday he has started crawling on his knees!! He will still army crawl when he wants to get somewhere quickly, but he is practicing crawling on his knees more and more.

This little guy LOVES to be outside! If we don't get outside at least once during the day, he is a bit cranky come that evening. Thank goodness the weather is warming up!

I am not sure how I got SO lucky to be this little guy's Mommy, but I sure am grateful and enjoying EVERY single second that I can with him.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

.8 Months Old.

My little Greyden is 8 months old!! He is still such a sweet and happy little boy.
He is weighing in at 19lbs 13oz.

Here is Greyden with his older cousin Clara. She is 8 months older and they are the same size. She is just a cute & petite little girl :)

As you can see, Greyden likes to eat anything he can get his little hands on.
He loves Mashed Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Pasta, Bananas and many other things that we share bites of at every meal.

Greyden LOVES his Daddy. As soon as Daddy walks in the door at the end of the day, Greyden lights up and starts saying "Dada Dada" over and over. Whenever Daddy is working on his computer, Greyden has to join him so he can bang on the keyboard and show Daddy how it is done.

Greyden is now a PRO at army crawling. He is getting really fast and has a few favorite things. He loves to find any sort of cord that he can and anything small he can put in his mouth. I am now vacuuming my house 2 -3 times a day.

Sadly, this month, Greyden has also had his first illness. It started with Lily who had a cold. It got passed on to Greyden and it turned into Bronchitis & Early Stages of Pneumonia. Thankfully, he is very healthy otherwise and has just needed an antibiotic and LOTS of Mommy snuggles.

We love you Mr. Greyders!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

.6 Months.

Wow! Seriously...I can not believe that my little guy is 6 months old.

He has brought nothing but pure joy in to our lives the past 6 months.

Having a little boy has been SO much fun so far. It has definitely been different...especially when it comes to the size of the kid. Holy cow! Carrying him around in his car seat has grown my biceps considerably. With that said...I think it's about time to move him into a convertible car seat.

Today at his 6 month check up, the Dr. was quite impressed with his progress. She said that she hadn't ever seen a baby at their 6 month check-up with teeth that had come in as far as Greyden's. His motor skills are quite advanced for his age as well. He is sitting up VERY well for his age, his back to tummy roll takes him all of 2 seconds if you lay him on his back and the way he is grasping things and getting them to his mouth is impressive as well. She also gave me some hope that the sooner he gets moving the more his weight gain will mellow out a bit. It would be nice if he could stay in one size of clothing for more than a month. **He has been wearing 12 month clothes for a month now.**

-Check-Up Stats-

Weight: 18lbs 10oz (69%)
Height: 27.5inches (79%)
Head: 17.7inches (81%)

I had mentioned to the Dr. today that Greyden seemed to have no interest in baby food. She suggested sitting him at the table with us during dinner time and just starting with some finger foods while he watches us eat dinner. So tonight I went and bought him a high chair and let him sit with us at the table. I gave him a graham cracker, which he devoured. So I decided to try and give him some rice cereal...which he also devoured. That little stinker was just waiting for me to get him a proper seat. 

Greyden is the CUDDLIEST and HAPPIEST little baby I have ever met. He gives smiles away freely and can light up a room with his happiness. He still would rather be held then left on the floor without someone talking to him. He will play with his toys as long as one of his sisters is nearby playing as well. I am hoping we aren't reporting at his 9 month check-up that he is taking strides towards walking...but we will see! I want him to stay my little baby for just a bit longer!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

.5 Months.

Greyden is now 5.5 months old!! I weighed him around Christmas and he was weighing in at 18lbs!
I wanted to post a 5 month update earlier, but I have been sick with an ear AND sinus infection the past few weeks. During that same time, Mr. Greyden has been teething! Sleeping has been interesting...thankfully all the antibiotics I have been taking have been transferring to him while nursing so he hasn't been getting anything I have had! 

 Obviously, he is teething! His 2 bottom teeth are coming in! 1 has poked through, while the other is just making it's way in. 

 He has been rolling over from back to tummy for a few weeks. He knows how to roll tummy to back, but we don't do too much tummy time around here. Lily is a bit of a terrorist when it comes to her younger brother. Someone has to have an eye on him at ALL TIMES when Lily is around. 

 He is quite the little snuggle bug. I LOVE IT! I love waking up with him snuggled up next to me in bed and seeing him so peacefully asleep. I also love that his favorite place to be is in Mommy's arms when he is awake as well. 

 He will play by himself, if he has too. ha ha He can grab toys and put them in his mouth...but he loves to clear everything off of his bumbo tray and make you put it all back on there for him. 

 He has quite the strong grip. I find myself gasping in pain fairly often when he pinches the back of my arm or my neck. This morning he gave Daddy a nice punch in the face. :) He is a very strong little guy. 

 I have people ask me constantly when I am out in public how old he is. When I reply 5 months they always say back "Wow! He must be big for his age!" Yes...he is quite big AND adorable!! 

 We are still enjoying every second with our little guy. He gives the BEST smiles and the most adorable little giggles I have ever witnessed. 
 I am IN LOVE with this little guy!!