Thursday, January 20, 2011

.1st Baby Doctor Appt.

Our first Dr. Appt for Baby #3 went great.

Due to it being close to nap time for Baby Lily, it took 3 Dum Dum suckers to get her through the appointment.

I really liked our doctor and the whole staff.

It's also quite nice that it is in the hospital.

If you have had your blood drawn, you probably know that you can get a Medical Assistant in a regular Dr. office that isn't the best at drawing blood. Getting my blood drawn is something I don't do well with as it is. With my Dr. being at the hospital I just walk 2 doors down the hall right to the lab. They draw blood ALL DAY EVERY DAY and the pain is so minimal it takes my fears away immediately. Not to mention, with this being Baby #3, I know the routine and am fully aware of how many times I am going to get poked with a needle. So I feel like I made a great choice in choosing a Dr. at the hospital.

Dr. Hebert, pronounced "A-Bear", was very personable. She started out talking with the girls and getting to know them. She was very easy to talk to and was right there with me getting the girls involved. She made sure the girls could see the ultrasound and even printed up a picture of the baby waving and gave it right to Brookie.
That picture is now "Brookie's Picture" of the baby. :)

My weight gain so far is 4lbs. Honestly, I feel like I have gained 10lbs! So seeing a 4lb gain on the scale made my whole day! I have never really stressed about weight gain in pregnancy. It was just a number and I figured the weight would go away at some point. Nursing definitely helped that a lot with Brookie. The baby weight from Lily, well it fell off due to me being so sick after she was born. Yeah, I don't recommend that one.

With this being Baby #3 though, I am feeling like I need to be a bit more conscious of what I am eating and how much weight I am actually gaining. I am aware that I am still young and that helps a lot, but I would rather be safe than sorry. So once my "All Day Sickness" is 100% gone, I am planning on starting a very mellow work out routine. I feel as though chasing around 2 young children while pregnant may be enough though.

Another bit of POSSIBLE good news. The baby is measuring big and the doctor may be moving up my due date a few days. Right now, I am 12 Weeks and 1 Day due August 2nd. The baby is measuring to be 12 Weeks and 6 Days due July 27th. We will find out for sure what the final decision is on that at our next appointment. So, for now, I am going to stick with my original dates to avoid getting my hopes us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

.12 Weeks.


        .10 Weeks.                                .12 Weeks.

I am now carrying a soccer ball instead of sporting a "bump". 

I have random cravings, but nothing that lasts.

I wanted pickles for 2 days before buying this (except they were spears)

I ate about 6 of them and it made me sick. 
I am done with pickles for a while.

I can now eat tomatoes as long as they are cooked in something.
For example:
Homemade chili ... SO DELICIOUS.
A salad with fresh tomatoes ... I'll pass
(or eat around the tomatoes)

Still not a fan of chocolate. 
Especially in candy form.
I can handle it mixed in with Ice Cream, like Mint Choc. Chip :)

I was tricked into thinking my "Morning Sickness" was gone.
Nope, it just went into hiding for 2 days.
It is still lingering and seemingly worse than before.
I have a feeling I will be dealing with it for another few weeks.

TOMORROW is our first Dr. Appt!!
The girls will get to hear baby's heartbeat with us. :)
I am SO excited!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

.Baby Dreams Part 3.

Last night felt like the longest night of my life.

Lily wasn't in the mood to sleep soundly, at all.

I spent 45 mins trying to fall back asleep after a horrible dream.

After finally falling back asleep, I had another baby dream...

This time, it was a girl. 

Her name was Ella. She had dark hair, but looked nothing like a baby of mine. I had the worst nurse of ALL time and literally went crazy and demanded she leave the room and not come near me the rest of my time there. I honestly do not remember what she did exactly, but I was pretty worked up about. I just remember her telling me to NOT nurse my baby under any circumstances. It was all because she didn't believe in it.

The rest of the dream went on awkwardly and made no sense at all. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

.10 Weeks.

 .10 Weeks.

  • Morning sickness has seemed to be the worst this past week then it has been the last 2 combined.
  • I have started to show as of 10 weeks, to the day.
  • The exhaustion has been creeping up on me. Daily naps are starting to become a necessity.
  • I need at least 10 hours of sleep a night to feel even slightly rested.
  • Thanks to water retention I can barely even squeeze into my jeans. I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans up until my 6th month with both Brookie & Lily.
Baby #3 sure has been a different experience so far.