Thursday, June 23, 2011

.34 Weeks.

34 Weeks

It is crazy to think about how close we are to meeting our Baby Boy. Time has flown by and crept along all at the same time. The past few weeks have been flying by considering how busy I have been with the move and getting our new place organized.

I feel HUGE and I clearly look huge as well. I constantly have people making comments about how I must be due any day now...the awkward look on their faces after I say I still have about 2 months left is worth the comments. It leaves them speechless most of the time. Even Aaron has lost track of how much time I have left and has even told people I am due in less than a month...that was 2 week ago. :)

I was getting ready for church on Sunday and put on a button up shirt over a tank top and had to leave the bottom buttons unbuttoned. I asked Aaron how it looked and he replied "It makes your belly look huge." So I changed my shirt to the one in the picture and then walked into the same room he was in without saying anything. His jaw literally dropped and I said "Yes, my belly is just huge. Thanks."

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