Tuesday, February 1, 2011

.14 Weeks.

The past week has been pretty awesome.

My morning sickness has been 100% gone since last Sunday.
My energy level went from 0 - 100 almost overnight.
My house is finally not a COMPLETE disaster area...the laundry is still not under control, but is it really ever under control?
Dinners have been more creative and I have started to enjoy eating again, some days a little too much.
I still prefer real food over any sort of junk food. I would rather have left overs from dinner than a bowl of ice cream for dessert.
I can get through most days without a nap, unless I have really pushed myself. Then it is almost necessary.

Bedtime is my favorite time of day. I love cuddling up in bed with my girls and falling asleep. (Daddy moves them to their beds when he comes in to bed. We got used to the fact that we don't get much alone time a long time ago.)

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