Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.26 Weeks.

This picture was actually taken at 25 Weeks and 4 Days...but I can't imagine my belly has grown that much in 3 days...at least I hope not!

I have been feeling pretty good lately. I have been getting more sleep at night and waking up feeling pretty refreshed every morning. I have had a bit more energy and been able to get more done during the day without feeling like I ran a marathon.
 My muscles in my lower body have definitely been loosening up and that is not a fun process. 
My dreams have been OUT OF CONTROL! They have been weird and last ALL NIGHT! I seriously wake up feeling like a crazy person every morning wondering how my mind comes up with these scenarios.
Thanks to all of my dreaming, I have been talking in my sleep more too. Which means that Aaron now has to listen to, not only Brooklyn, but me talking all night too. 

Aaron and I were talking about when we are going to be moving while we were driving home on Sunday from out Easter weekend up at Aaron's parents. I was suddenly struck with a mass amount of anxiety just with the thought of how short of a time we have left until we have a 3rd little one joining our family. 3 months is definitely NOT a long time by any means. I have been keeping myself pretty busy and every week just flies by as it is. Throw moving into a new place into the mix for the last month of pregnancy and Baby Boy will be here in no time! 
I can honestly say, going from 1 to 2 kids was a SLIGHT adjustment. 
Going from 2 kids to pregnant with #3 has been a large adjustment.
Going from 2 kids to 3 kids...has me feeling slightly inadequate.

I think I let my emotions get the best of me at times and I worry too much.
I worry too much about what others are thinking.
I worry too much about others opinions.
I know a lot of it is just my hormones getting the best of me at the moments that are already hard for a normal Mommy.

With all that said...I am still SOOOOOO excited to meet our Baby Boy and have him join our family. The girls are both very excited and talk about him all the time. 
Lily has become such a little Mommy to her cousin Clara and is seriously adorable when she is around her. She talks to her in baby talk the way the rest of us do and likes to be right there with her whenever she is in someones arms.
Brooklyn has always had the little Mommy mentality. Hers is quite different from Lily's though. She is always wanting to make sure that YOU are doing what she thinks Clara needs. I thank Katie for putting up with it when she watches them for me. I am sure it is enough to drive anyone crazy. ha ha

August 2nd can't come fast enough...or slow enough. :)

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