Thursday, March 31, 2011

.22 Weeks.

I feel more like I am 36 weeks.

My back hurts ALL the time. I reach my level of exhaustion WAY sooner than I would like. My patience wears WAY too thin some days. Hormones...I WANT MY BODY BACK!!!

Now on to the good stuff :)

I can feel Baby Boy kicking and moving around ALL the time!! I absolutely love it. He usually wakes up at about 7am every morning as Aaron is climbing out of bed to head to work.

The other morning, Aaron laid in bed with me for a few extra minutes just to feel our little guy kicking and moving around. I hope it made his morning the way it makes mine every single day.

It seems like the weeks are just flying by. I don't think I will be able to believe it has actually been 9 months when the time comes to meet this little one.

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