Wednesday, July 20, 2011

.The Final Dr. Appt!!.

Today was my last Dr. appointment before Baby Boy gets here!!

Dr. Hebert ended up being in a delivery and I was lucky enough that I was the only pregnant woman that was far enough along to be seen by her nurse. So I waited for about 3 minutes before they called me back and was out of there within 15 minutes.

I am 2cm and the nurse didn't say how effaced I was. Either way, I am pretty sure we won't be having this baby before next Wednesday unless something drastic happens.

I was 2cm for 2 weeks in a row with Lily before I went in to labor 6 days before her due date. Ironically enough, my induction is scheduled for 6 days before Baby Boy's due date.

Labor is just a guessing game that no one is very good at. So I am prepared to wait it out and I am ready for next Wednesday!! Well, as ready as one can be.

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