Monday, August 1, 2011

.Dear Jaundice.

You are not my friend. :(

This morning I had to take all 3 kids with me to get Greyden's weight and his bilirubin levels checked. I somehow made it out of the house 10 minutes before I was planning. Not only that, but the girls were SO good. They didn't fight at all and stayed right with me the whole time. The ride there and back was nice and peaceful as well considering the girls both had full access to Greyden with him being in the middle of both of them. Luckily they left him alone most of the ride and he slept through any of the touching and loud sounds he had to endure.

Greyden's jaundice levels have gone up a bit more. So...still on the lights for at least another day. I truly thought that they wouldn't have gone up anymore due to the fact he gained 5 ounces in 2 days and he had been having PLENTY of wet and dirty diapers.

The Dr. is thinking that it is due to Aaron and I having incompatible blood types, so we will be checking his blood type tomorrow along with his bilirubin levels again. I am hoping we don't have to do this too much longer.

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