Tuesday, November 1, 2011

.3 Months.

My little boy is now 3 months old!! We are enjoying this little guy SOOO much!! 

*He LOVES to smile and gives the best smiles ever. It melts my heart every time.
*He loves to "talk" with Mommy and Daddy. I will lay on the floor with him and we will have little conversations that last a few minutes. 
*He has been in his 3-6 month clothes since he was 2 months old. He is definitely growing like a boy. He weighed 1 oz less at his 2 month check up than Lily did at her 4 month check up.
*He loves to be held and demands that I hold him most of the day. I can lay him down now while he sleeps, although I still enjoy it when he takes a nap in my arms every once in a while.
*He is on the verge of learning to laugh...he will definitely be laughing within the next couple of weeks.

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