Monday, November 14, 2011

.My Big Little Guy.

Greyden had his final jaundice check on Thursday.

His levels were down to 4.3 YAY!! 

I was originally told to stop breastfeeding him for 24 hours to ensure it went away when I took him in for his check up last month. I had done research on this particular topic and had actually had the Dr. before tell me that it would clear up on it's own. Her son had breastmilk jaundice as well and she did not stop breastfeeding.

Well, I did NOT stop nursing him and everything has gone exactly as my research had said. 3 months and it is pretty much gone.

At his check up he weighed in at a healthy 15lbs 6oz!! He is now officially in 6-9 month clothes although 3-6 month pants will still fit him...he has a nice long torso like his Daddy.

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