Monday, December 12, 2011

.4 Months.

I LOVE this little guy!!!

Our little man is now 4 and a half months old.
Time has flown by, but we have been enjoying every second with him.

He is such a happy baby and SO sweet!

He LOVES to give smiles to everyone. 
His smile is contagious. My heart skips a beat EVERY time he smiles at me.

He is the ONLY baby I have ever met that actually enjoys diaper changes. He smiles at me the whole time I am changing his diaper as if to say "Why Thanks Mom!". ha ha

He is wearing 6-9 month tops (some 9-12 months) and still 3-6 month bottoms (some 6-9 months).
He has a nice long torso like this Daddy, and his legs are a bit shorter...but he is by no means a shorty.

He had his 4 month check up on Friday, here are his stats:
Weight: 16lbs 12oz (76%)
Height: 27in (97%)
Head: 17.5in (92%)
In other words, he is perfect! ;)

He is rolling from his tummy to his back and is SO close to rolling from his back to his tummy.
We tried rice cereal twice...he didn't really have an opinion on it either way, so we are going to try again in a few weeks.
He loves to "talk" with everyone.
He still is a Mommy's boy and a big snuggler.
He is sleeping in his own bed for part of the night, but still likes to sleep with me most of the night.

LOVE this adorable little face. :)

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