Thursday, May 10, 2012

.9 Month Stats.

Greyden has his 9 month check up yesterday. 
Here are his stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 15 oz (52%)
Height: 29 3/4 inches (78%)
Head: 18.9 inches (98%)

Funny Moment: The Medical Assistant had measured his head while he was being weighed. When she entered it in on the computer I could see it was at the top of the curve. She stated that she must have written it down wrong and wanted to measure again. I told her she had probably gotten it right as I know my son has a large head...turns out my son has a large head. 

I learned something new as well. Turns out that when a baby has a large head, there can be some reason for concern. There can be extra fluid that is putting pressure on the babies brain and it can hamper their development. The Dr. reassured me that there was no need for concern considering the level Greyden is at with his ability to get from point A to point B quite efficiently. 

Speaking of Greyden getting from A to B...he has MASTERED climbing on the LoveSac and zooms around on that thing like he can't fall off. I can't really blockade him off from getting on the LoveSac. So for now, I just have to haul him around with me if I leave the living room. He also showed me that he can climb stairs while we were over at my Sister-in-laws yesterday. He is definitely ALL BOY with a little bit of sweetness thrown in.
He can pull himself to standing pretty much ANYWHERE and is so proud of himself. He will definitely be walking by his 1st birthday. 

He is also ahead a bit when it comes to the sounds he is making. If you know my children, they are all VERY vocal...which can be extremely wonderful and highly embarrassing given the situation. 

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