Monday, May 7, 2012

.9 Months.

It seems like just yesterday I wrote a post about my baby turning 8 months old...he is 9 months old already!!!!! Where in the world has the past 9 months gone?!?
As you can see, he is growing quite quickly. He is still so stinkin' handsome and extremely good-natured. He is a VERY happy baby and gives the best smiles EVER!

Right before he turned 9 months old, I thought it was time for a haircut. I told Aaron right after we found out that we were having a boy that I wasn't really in to shaggy/long hair on little boys. I have my girls for the long beautiful locks. His hair had come in quite even and it didn't look bad, but I guess I was just overly excited for him to have a real haircut. So one Saturday morning after breakfast we cut it off!

As you can see, he thought it was quite nice. ;)

Greyden is now eating solid foods. Pretty much anything we eat, he is eating right along with us. He still nurses for comfort and to fall asleep. I quite enjoy the fact that we still have those little moments together and I don't plan on weaning him any time soon.

As of Saturday he has started crawling on his knees!! He will still army crawl when he wants to get somewhere quickly, but he is practicing crawling on his knees more and more.

This little guy LOVES to be outside! If we don't get outside at least once during the day, he is a bit cranky come that evening. Thank goodness the weather is warming up!

I am not sure how I got SO lucky to be this little guy's Mommy, but I sure am grateful and enjoying EVERY single second that I can with him.

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