Tuesday, January 18, 2011

.12 Weeks.


        .10 Weeks.                                .12 Weeks.

I am now carrying a soccer ball instead of sporting a "bump". 

I have random cravings, but nothing that lasts.

I wanted pickles for 2 days before buying this (except they were spears)

I ate about 6 of them and it made me sick. 
I am done with pickles for a while.

I can now eat tomatoes as long as they are cooked in something.
For example:
Homemade chili ... SO DELICIOUS.
A salad with fresh tomatoes ... I'll pass
(or eat around the tomatoes)

Still not a fan of chocolate. 
Especially in candy form.
I can handle it mixed in with Ice Cream, like Mint Choc. Chip :)

I was tricked into thinking my "Morning Sickness" was gone.
Nope, it just went into hiding for 2 days.
It is still lingering and seemingly worse than before.
I have a feeling I will be dealing with it for another few weeks.

TOMORROW is our first Dr. Appt!!
The girls will get to hear baby's heartbeat with us. :)
I am SO excited!!

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