Friday, January 7, 2011

.Baby Dreams Part 3.

Last night felt like the longest night of my life.

Lily wasn't in the mood to sleep soundly, at all.

I spent 45 mins trying to fall back asleep after a horrible dream.

After finally falling back asleep, I had another baby dream...

This time, it was a girl. 

Her name was Ella. She had dark hair, but looked nothing like a baby of mine. I had the worst nurse of ALL time and literally went crazy and demanded she leave the room and not come near me the rest of my time there. I honestly do not remember what she did exactly, but I was pretty worked up about. I just remember her telling me to NOT nurse my baby under any circumstances. It was all because she didn't believe in it.

The rest of the dream went on awkwardly and made no sense at all. 

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